IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please do not ship transfers to us without approval first or we may not be able to accept the shipment.

Purchasing a firearm online or from out-of-state and need a FFL to handle your transfer? We can help.

Simply contact us with the information on where your firearm is being purchased from so we can contact them, or have the FFL contact us at [email protected].

Transfers will be handled in person, by appointment and we can do them at convenient times, such as after-hours or on weekends. Costs for a transfer are only $35 for a handgun or rifle, which includes the FDLE Background Check fee.

We can also handle shipping of a firearm you sold or need to transfer to another FFL License Holder anywhere in the country. Simply contact us and we will gather all the information. FFL License Holders should email a signed copy of FFL to [email protected] or via fax to 786-279-0780.

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