While many think that shooting is a "guy's sport", ladies are the fastest growing segment of the firearms industry. However the machismo and military style environments can sometimes be intimidating for women. What most people don't realize, however, is that women are naturally better shooters than men. Also, clothing worn by women often present challenges for concealed carry.

In this class, we focus strictly on helping women get started with firearms. With our small groups of only ladies, you will be able to learn in a comfortable and fun environment. Our class is the perfect "ladies night out" class for a group of friends looking to learn how about pistols and how to safely handle them, laws related to carrying a firearm, as well as a bit of range time to reinforce what you learned in class. Classes can be held in the comfort of your home or office, followed by some range time nearby.

Call us at 888-305-GUNS to get scheduled for a day of fun. While not an approved NRA class, this course qualifies participants for obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit in the State of Florida.

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I am registering for a firearms course and certify that I am eligible to handle and own firearms in the State of Florida. I agree to pay course tuition and understand that class cannot be attended until payment has been made in full.

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